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"GIMP Photo Editor"

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  • 6.0
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  • Functionality10
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once you download the zip files, theres nowhere to find the launch icon then when i got it to install onto desktop, and when i opened the program it asks very annoying action for EVERY .exe in bin and its like 1000, how many times do i have to click on this thing?? just open the program!!

  • this is nice program but does not offer transparent canvas to work with, and no pen tool? to create shapes. but this is really nice for working with retouching photos though! but not for shape or logo development though.
  • and it comes with weatherbug and all virus infected spyware, during the installation i UNCHECKED ALL except for the Gimp, and they installed anyway!!

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17 Apr 2012
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  1. The easiest way to create photo presentations