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Help & Info about Photo! Editor for windows

  • Is Photo Editor the same as Photo Toolkit?

    Yes, Photo Toolkit, first developed by Vicman Software, was rebranded as Photo! Editor and this is simply the program's latest name. The software allows users to edit and reimagine digital images as well as providing a number of enhancement features.
  • Is Photo Editor Free?

    The program has a free license so is able to be downloaded without any charge. Users do need to register in order to be able to use the product, however. Registration is easy and can be carried out in just a few seconds.
  • Is Photo Editor Safe?

    There are no problems with using the program so long as the software is downloaded from a reputable site. What's more, it doe not take up a great deal of hard disk drive space, coming in at under 9 MB.
  • Where Is Photo Editor in Windows 7?

    Microsoft used to include a program called “MS Photo Editor” in their operating system. For users of Windows 7 and above, this has been withdrawn. Nevertheless, MS Photo Editor is a different program from Vicman's Photo! Editor.
  • Can Photo Editor Change the background?

    There is no tool to specifically deal with the background of a photo in the software. However, it is possible to crop the background and to use filters to make the background less important in the image, ideal for focusing attention on what is going on in the foreground.
  • How to download Photo Editor?

    Download the program from Softonic by simply clicking on the download button. With a broadband connection, the entire process should take under a minute before you are safely editing your digital pictures.
  • Does Photo Editor work with Android?

    A direct equivalent of the software is not available for Android users. However, Vicman has produced a number of photo editing packages that can be downloaded via the Google store, such as Photo Lab and Visage Lab, which perform many of the same sorts of editing functions.
  • Can I draw using Photo Editor?

    Yes, it certainly is possible to draw onto your images using the editing program. For example, it comes with a number of different brushes that you can use to create fine lines or broad strokes. The program also has a handy eye dropper tool which is good for removing so-called red-eye from portraits.
  • How can I save images in Photo Editor?

    When you have edited a picture, you simply need to save it with a new file name so that you can return to the original if you want to, later. Common file types like JPG and BMP are supported, but you can only use GIF files in the professional version.
  • Can I create caricatures using Photo Editor?

    There is a specific feature in the software for creating funny caricatures of your friends and family. This is a quick way of getting an amusing outcome which requires very little user skill for great results. Follow the instructions on the program's instructional sidebar to navigate to this feature. Skewing, color swopping, gamma correction and lasso editing are all included, as well.


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